Recitatif (So much things to say)
Commissioned and presented by Nottingham Contemporary

Saturday 11th November 2017 - Sunday 12 November 2017

Harleighblu - Vocals
Steffani Jemison – Keyboard

What if we need new words to build new social and political relations? In this commissioned performance, two local musicians interpret a musical score written in Solresol, a utopian language expressed through musical notes. The performances translates a song by Lauryn Hill ("So much things to say").

Jemison is interested in speech and its inverse, quiet. The title Recitatif is a reference to American writer Toni Morrison’s short story of the same name, which describes gaps, failures, and silences in communication across cultures and abilities. This performance is the second in her Recitatif series, which started with Recitatif: Maybe we need new words., presented at Mass MOCA earlier this year.