Steffani Jemison: Sol
Solo exhibition
Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington at Seattle
January 19 - February 27, 2016

Steffani Jemison uses transparency and opacity as material and metaphor. Exhibition references include: Solresol, a universal language created in 1827 by Francois Sudre; Black Utopia: Negro Communal Experiments in America by William H. Pease and Jane Pease (1963); the confession of Nat Turner to Thomas Ruffin Gray (1831); and "Hamptonese," the private script developed by visionary artist James Hampton. The exhibition is accompanied by four research workshops, including two with Justin Hicks. For the opening, Hicks will present a performance in conversation with materials and recordings from the workshops.

Beginning on January 4, Jemison will work in the Gallery for two weeks to create Steffani Jemison: Sol, an exhibition that features paintings on acetate, a vinyl text work, and a slide projection. To build the exhibition, Jemison will work with student interns and Gallery volunteers.

The work in the gallery is accompanied by reading and performance workshops co-facilitated by her collaborator, Justin Hicks and presented on site. All workshops are free and open to the public.

Workshop 1: apple acorn blackberry
(facilitated by Steffani Jemison)
In two reading sessions—in which readings are executed together as a group, no preparation necessary—we will consider how language connects to travel and landscape. Featuring blog posts, petitions, and excerpts from academic texts by Susan Stewart, Sue Thomas, and others.
Session 1: Thursday, January 7, 1pm
Session 2: Monday, January 11, 6pm

Workshop 2: fala fasi: excellent, the best
(facilitated by Justin Hicks and Steffani Jemison)
Is music a language? This workshop explores how musicians and music theorists have connected language to pitch, note length, melody, and harmony. We will test music pedagogy systems, including the Orff Schulwerk method, the Kodaly method, Curwen hand signs, solresol, and other approaches to music pedagogy and musical language.
Session 1: Monday, January 18, 6pm
Session 2: Wednesday, January 20, 1pm

Thursday, January 21, 7pm

Jemison is also one of the participants in the School’s winter quarter Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice lecture series, which is supported by The New Foundation Seattle and takes place at the Henry Art Gallery. The lecture is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Follow one of the links above to learn more.